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Goodbye to Our Pets

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“A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered.” — Lacie Petitto

When we moved from Salinas to Greenfield we had to make some sacrifices, some of these sacrifices included stuff that we had collected over the years we had lived at the old three bedroom house. Other’s were just broken things that just did not serve much other purpose then taking up space. Finally; due to the restrictions on the new place here in Greenfield we had to let go of three of five pets. These pets included a calico cat named daisy, a ridgeback/golden retriever named annie, and a tortoise shell cat named Mona. These were sacrifices we did not want to make but we did not have another choice in the matter, since we had to move out of the old place because the rent became to high, and the place that was almost affordable was a two bedroom apartment in Greenfield, CA. That only allowed a max of two pets per household and were charged extra for pets by the property management company. Though those pets are never truly forgotten it was difficult having to surrender them to the SPCA of Monterey County, because there was no real other option. At the very least and this was the hope those pets may be able to find new homes with new families. Sadly that was not the case at all, as in the end the news was they had to put both Annie and Mona to sleep because of aggression and health problems. The only one that remained alive so far as we know is Mona and the hope is they were able to find her a good home. Once they were surrendered; there was no further communications of the state of things after being informed that both annie and daisy had to be put to sleep. There has been no further information from SPCA but the hope is at least Mona was able to find a new home, and hopefully is enjoying it and living the cat’s life.

In closing; and in remembering those pets lost, I just want other’s to know how difficult it can be but perhaps in other circumstances we would of been able to keep all five. Instead we are here today, and they are still remembered from a past life and an entirely different existence. May both Annie and Daisy rest in peace and find happiness in the world they find themselves in afterwards. And may Mona in her lovely disposition make another family happy.



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In Memoriam – Animals Remembered as another year comes to a close.

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